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THINKers, Inc.

Salt River Chronicle - River Trail Trip

Salt River Chronicle - River Trail Trip

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Use this to purchase your tickets for the Salt River Chronicle River Trail Trip.

***100% of all SALT RIVER CHRONICLES funds goes towards the nonprofit operations!***



Optimal Royal Living AND Healing Hands Oasis Wellness Center & Apothecary


Come join us every First & Third Wednesday of the month for a hike along the Salt River! Time and place are subject to change, please reserve your spot. (After reserving your spot, please go follow either Healing Hands Oasis and/or THINKers Inc. on either Instagram and/or Facebook: @healinghandsoasis.h2o and/or @thinkersinc and send a screenshot your purchase in a direct message. If you don’t have social media then please send a screenshot your purchase to the following email:


Date: Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday (First Fall Hike of 2022 will be on a 2nd Wednesday 12/14/2022)!

Time & Location: (TBD)

Cost: $10 adults $5 for children

Hike Alongside River Only:

~3-5 hours of “intentional hiking” on nature trails (duration depends on location). Riverside, forest near river, etc. **intentional hiking is hiking with a purpose to heal. You will be provided with a tool to assist you in identifying what it is your spirit would like for you to focus on during your hike. Once identified, we take our time to connect with Mother Nature and be mindful while hiking to recognize the signs (if any) of her assisting us in our individual healing. Long Distance Reiki or In-Person will be provided throughout the hike (depending on whether or not the Reiki Master will be in attendance on your hike. There will be pit stops to enjoy the scenery and have open discussion and dialogue. We’ll be able to flow with Mother Nature and enjoy her presence.  

River Meditation Only:

~During the Spring/Summer we offer 90 to 120 mins of river time. We get into the river and chill with the option to join our Acupuncturists for restorative movements via Qi Gong and/or a quick 30 mins acupuncture session while our Reiki Master continues to provides Long Distance/In-Person Reiki Healing Therapy on each individual who chooses this option. This experience doesn’t come by often as being in the river’s healing waters while restoring your body with Qi Gong movement & flow and allowing reiki healing energy to pour into you; you’re almost guaranteed to start calling Wednesdays your self care Sundays to get your right for the new week!

~During the Fall/Winter if you choose to get in the river it will be at your own risk as we do not recommend it. The water levels tend to be higher in the Fall/Winter timeframe. We do, however, condone dipping your feet in the water near the river bank! :) We will still provide the Qi Gong, Acupuncture, and/or Reiki Healing sessions, they will just be done by the riverbank instead of in the river. 

What’s Included:

  • Pre-recorded Guided Meditation to open your chakras the morning of your hike (you can listen to it first thing in the morning or in your car on the way to the hiking site).
  • Hydration via Fruit (we provide various melons and citrus fruit at the end of the hike.
  • Long Distance Reiki Healing Therapy throughout the entire hike (if Reiki Master is in attendance for your hike then Reiki Healing Therapy will be provided In-Person). 
  • Pre-recorded Guided Meditation to protect your chakras at the end of your experience (you can listen on the drive home or before you go to bed).
  • Minor Injury Package: $12.50

All ages are welcomed to hike as long as they can keep up and are abled bodies. Please join and hike at your own risk and pay close attention to what your body is telling you. ***we will have an acupuncturist on-site so if minor pulls/strains do occur, they can be addressed if you choose to add the Minor Injury Package when reserving your spot!

*Check out the add-ons available below*

Add-On Options:

  • Smoothie (before hike begins) by request 24 hours in advance ONLY
  • Loyalty Mason Jar (pre-order only)
  • Qi Gong group class (20-30 mins)
  • Individual Acupuncture and/or Long Distance/In-Person Reiki Healing Session (30 mins)

For questions, please email us at Please allow up to 48 hours to get a response back.


All funds goes towards building our cause of making alternative health and wellness services and products available to the underserved and underutilized populations within our communities. We thank you for your support!



  • Optimal Royal Living
  • Healing Hands Oasis Wellness Center & Apothecary
  • Ganja Guide
  • Elevated Rootz 


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